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    BETTER Word Choice is about creating messages with better clarity.

    Take a closer look at these three examples of marketing and think about how you would Re-Frame them. Sometimes we add more words because we think it does a better job of getting the message across more clearly. Oh how that expedites the dys-functionality of the content.

    In this first example, one of the global icons in the fast food industry wants us to appreciate a straw:

    don't think of that straw

    What if they just said:  Think of that straw as your pipeline to instant, ice-cold McDonalds® liquid refreshment.  End result is a clearer message now.


    In this second one sent by my dear friend Cornelis from The Netherlands; the message suggests we embrace the concept of having our day improve because of parking our vehicle. WPS may be Pioneers in Parking Solutions, (as they describe themselves on their home page), however they are delivering a poor message:  Because parking shouldn’t take the joy out of …… everyday life. 

    And why the demand of Shoulding”– taking the joy out of parking?!?

    Parking shouldn't take

    BETTER Word Choice suggests:  First Class Parking Solutions put some joy into everyday life.

    As you think of the message you want to convey; ask yourself, what do I really want my customer/client to experience? In this case:  enjoy your parking experience.


    This last example is one I have thought about for several years. The product was invented in 1979 and first marketed in 1981.

    can't believe

    The wording suggests:  I Can‘t Believe It’s NOT Butter! 

    Wait, it is a substitute; and it is just as tasty as butter; AND it is healthier for you.  The next comment from their website suggests:

    Fresh Butter Taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter.* Go ahead…CHEAT ON BUTTER.™

    Personally, I like their own trademark as the BETTER Word Choice product name:  CHEAT ON BUTTER.™

    Just more examples of Re-Framing the message with BETTER Word Choice.

    Empowering Regards,


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