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    Directions are very easy to follow. Simplicity and specificity are two key factors.

    We have discussed the “recipe” analogy for Remember the Ice on several occasions. Effective communication is like following the directions in a great recipe. It is extremely rare when you find “(K)notty Words” in a recipe.

    Ultimately, marketing and advertising is about encouraging people, in a highly suggestive manner, to in fact — join us, do what we are asking you to do.

    Unfortunately for McDonald’s, their customers are missing out….

    By the way, most of the tables with this message…..

    were empty even though it was around 11;45 AM

    (Hmm….. near lunch time)

    Better message:

    Get your favorite delicious deals… and remember to open your McDonalds App for new offers every day.

    Have a phenomenal week and keep your eye out for messages that need re-framing.

    Empowering Regards,


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