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    At Remember the Ice, we are intrigued by common phrases that are prevalent in the lexicographical landscape only to have a perceived mission of confusing the reader.

    One of my favorite examples is “including, but not limited to”.

    From our perspective, it is 4 words too many. 

    First we look at “but” which generally negates what comes before it. Then we have a “not” right away, and our brain hops right over.

    Then we are left with “limited to”.

    What if we said including, then listed the items. (If someone has a question about an item left off the list, reach out and connect with us. We can possibly add it.)

    The goal of Remember the Ice is to raise awareness of the power of word choice. Many of the examples of lazy language littered with (K)notty Words are hand me downs from previous generations. 

    The paradigm shift of focusing on Re-Framing messages by eradicating those rascally (K)notty Words is a new one. It is a process of Re-Education. When we are making changes in behaviors we have known “forever”, there is a critical step involved. It’s a “Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance” thing. (Thinking in the new way, yet still hanging on to the old familiar behavior, even though it clouds the issue) 

    The best way to forge ahead is to be committed to your new behavior of re-framing messages; including vigilance and persistence.

    For more concepts about how Remember the Ice can help you enhance your communication skills, call us at 702-423-1383 to find out what is included.

    Empowering Regards, 




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