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    Thank you to Bill Potter, Robert Killington, Joan West, Mike Pickett, Paul Reindl, Laurel McKeown, Jim Cocallas, Hiett Ives, Benjamin Honig and Rebecca Goodrich for your comments on how utilizing the BETTER Word Choice concepts of Remember the Ice have enhanced your communication skills.

    There were several great comments:

    Remember to make at least one specific change in your regular word use within seven days. Example for mother with young sons: ‘Boys. Remember to put the seat down, OK.’

    Getting rid of the knotty words from my writing, relatively easy, and from my oral communication, a great deal harder. The list of knotty words you provided has been especially useful.

    Could you engage in ice chips about “INTENTIONS” and acknowledge the bit of stillness required to really consider what it is we want to express.

    We have yet to meet but I feel I know you. I found out about you from my very dear friend Randy Borden. I’ve found your “chips” to be most useful in the political arena:
    “I am NOT a crook” “I did NOT have sex….
    As to “focus,” I am of little use, because there are so many arenas in which one can apply the concepts. I call it, for lack of a better word: “Forensic Knotting”

    My frame of mind is far more positive. I like it when you pass on stories.. So, keep up the good work.

    For me, the concept of conveying what we want (rather than what we “don’t” want) is very powerful. It has motivated me to strive to eliminate (k)notty words from my own communications ever since I first heard the RTI presentations, and it sticks with me to this day.

    English is designed to dumb down our culture. Nots prevent and psychology affirms this. This language and your discovery and focusing on these words is very important for Humanities Spiritual Evolution.

    Focusing on replacing “if” with “when” has proven to be a great tool for me. I like using Remember the Ice in my work helping vendors at trade shows.

    The trick is, how do you say it differently each day? How do you motivate the new guy in the company and how do you motivate the old timer? How do re-spark something that is very successful and works; though faces extinction? I have found getting back to the basics (scratch that) going forward with fundamentals has been a positive investment for me. Identifying 3-4 basic fundamentals of your success and reflect back.

    I sure enjoy your Ice Chips, and just passed on the concept to a relative.

    The focus of future Ice Chips will utilize the suggestions received and take the concept to a deeper level while still maintaining the power of the initial story and basic fundamentals. We must keep the basics at the forefront while pursuing new frontiers on using BETTER Word Choice.

    Empowering Regards,


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