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    Dear Ice Chip reader:


    Have you ever thought of how… and why you sometimes end up in a conversation filled with defensive language?


    When you use “(K)notty Words” you invite the opposite of what you want.


    Then you realize you are questioning what you thought you were committing to. The 28 “(K)notty Words” put you in a defensive posture.


    It’s almost like riding off the road of specificity and empowering communication and into a tree of doubt and confusion.


    For an introduction to the “28”, just click on the link:


    28 (K)notty Words


    Then respond to this email with: “I want help eradicating those 28 words.”


    Let’s have a conversation about individual coaching.


    Call me: 702-423-1383


    Remember: Clarity is Power!


    Empowering Regards,


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