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    “There are no misunderstandings; there are only failures to communicate.”
    Senegalese Proverb

    What a powerful message to ponder. From a Remember the Ice perspective, we love the suggestion of finding ways to communicate more effectively.

    By eradicating “(K)notty Words” from our word choices we significantly raise our standards and succeed at communicating more effectively.

    For your homework, focus on eliminating just one of the main “(K)notty Words” from your repertoire. The most common one is “don’t”. Okay. What if you succeeded in reframing your message by avoiding THAT word? What would the difference be in the effectiveness of your communication?

    Look around your office. See if there are messages with THAT word. Stop and think how you would reframe it – and do it. Stay focused. Follow through for the hour, then the rest of the morning. Enjoy a lunch without THAT word and continue through the afternoon, and so on.

    Notice how you start attracting more of what you want. You realize that your thought patterns are like following a recipe. (There are no “(K)notty Words” in recipes. Check it out.) By focusing on what you want and communicating this with Respectful Elegance, you begin to receive results you want. You begin to eliminate the misunderstandings that are created by THAT word.

    Eradicating THAT word on July 23, 1991 was the beginning of Remember the Ice. I am grateful for my decision to follow through. I believe you will be grateful too by eliminating it and communicating more effectively.

    The quote for this Ice Chip is from my good friend Rick Itzkowich, the creator of QuoteActions. Please visit Rick at his website: http://www.rickitzkowich.com/

    Empowering Regards,


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