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Have Bob Nicoll, Wordsmith, Trainer, Author jump start your sales organization with his results oriented programs. Remember the Ice helps frustrated business owners struggling for a better yield from their Sales & Marketing materials. Nicoll is a Wordsmith who will re-frame your message to get the yield & results you are looking for.


The products offered here are dedicated to assisting you in creating BETTER Word Choice in your communication. Remember the Ice is truly changing the way the world communicates. Right click the picture, choose open in a new tab and enjoy the shop.

The Story

It all began on July 23, 1991 when I walked into a convenience store near 12th Street and Northern Avenue in Phoenix, AZ. My apartment was just across the street and I’d stop by a few times each week. Rick, the manager, was working that morning and after catching up on the weekend events, I asked him a very simple question based on the signs he had above each of his two registers...

(K)notty Word Calculator

The Calculator welcomes you to paste your content in the window. Submit your selection and PRESTO! — your content is analyzed for clarity and effectiveness. Right click the picture -- choose "Open link in new tab" and you will be taken immediately to the CALCULATOR. Let the counting begin!!

What people are saying about Remember the Ice...

"A simple shift in word choice has a profound impact, touching lives around the world..."

"That’s when I knew, in that very moment, that Bob’s Remember the Ice had indeed shifted my language paradigm. Sure, I still slip up from time to time, but at least I know it now. Thanks, Bob, for turning my face in the direction of the best language available. Its light warms my words daily." Author – Speaker / Work Positive: How to Work Positive in a Negative World - Danville, VA

Dr. Joey Faucette

"That's right!! We changed two words on our web site and tripled our business during the global recession. That’s the power of Remember the Ice AND that is why I am such a huge fan and became an RTI coach!" Amersfoort, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Cornelis de Maijer

“I hired Bob to help me become a better public speaker. By expanding my dictionary of words and re-learning how to put them into sentences, he gave me the confidence to speak in public and to speak with my mentors. Bob's guidance and instruction has greatly improved my business and personal relationships. Thank you, Bob, for your instruction and insight.” Painting by Witz, Princeton, MN

Greta Witzman