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Better Words

“In baseball, the difference between a .350 hitter and a .250 hitter is only a quarter-inch up or down on the bat.” Mortimer R. Feinberg

In eradicating “(K)notty Words” to enhance your message; it comes down to a couple of things:

  1. Awareness of the words in play
  2. And the removal of 2 or 3 letters and an apostrophe (‘)

Your website is a great place to start. Your content conveys your message.

If you have “(K)notty words” in your content – or in your main banner; think of how many people you may be pushing away.

Here is a recent example of BETTER Words for a client’s website. 

Cornelis deMaijer was the Managing Partner for Flaka Cruising, a luxury sailing gullet Yacht Company specializing in extraordinary week long cruises on the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey. When I met him on Ecademy.com in October 2008, he was promoting his fabulous cruises with the following message:

Don’t Forget to Book your Cruise Early

Unfortunately, the advance bookings were almost non-existent. Cornelis really wanted to improve this aspect of his business.

Upon reading the story of Remember the Ice; he created this new banner and slogan for his entire marketing campaign:

He implemented the new slogan and embraced the concept right away. By January 26, 2009 he had booked 60% of his season; by February 15th he was at 85%! On May 4th, I landed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to begin my 7 week European sojourn; he was over 105% and using other ships to handle the additional bookings!

Cornelis ended 2009 up over 200%, and booked 50% of his tours for 2010 — by changing TWO Words!

The message did the work. His clients did indeed book early! And they can have the dream of experiencing the Flaka concept of doing “Nothing”. What an experience!

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