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  • Ice Chip #324

    Posted on June 16, 2015 by in Ice Chips

    Dear Bob: I was first introduced to your innovative concept a couple of years ago, and have used the deletion of [K]notty words to great advantage ever since. The first use was in the promotion of an Alaska Writers Guild conference. But I use this concept in more than business. Even in my poetry now, […]

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  • Ice Chip #323

    Posted on June 9, 2015 by in Ice Chips

    There are moments in one’s life that can only be recognized as FATE. Fate is capricious and fickle but she can also be fortuitous and such is the case with Bob Nicoll. From the very second I was conscious of Bob; I was mesmerized by his voice, his message and his body of knowledge. I […]

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    Ice Chip #322

    Posted on June 2, 2015 by in Ice Chips

    Ben Honig from Colorado is fan of Remember the Ice and a Certified Safety Professional for his company. He recently shared an article entitled: All Injuries are Preventable and Other Silly SafetySayings by Dr Rob Long. The article shares interesting situations on how we use our word choice to navigate our world. I appreciate you, […]

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