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Wordsmith and message Re-Framer, Bob Nicoll created Remember the Ice on July 23, 1991. “I walked into the convenience store across from my apartment near Northern Ave  and 12th street in Phoenix, AZ and saw a sign with the following message, and knew ‘(K)notty Words’ were discovered.”

Identifying “(K)notty Words” is the key to understanding the concept behind Remember the Ice.  The main culprits are: Not, Don’t, Can’t, Won’t, Wouldn’t, Couldn’t, Shouldn’t. 

To assist in raising your awareness of the “(K)notty Words”, we have created a calculator.  The “KWC” is designed to give you feedback on your written documents. Just click the link and follow the directions so you can see how word choice impacts your message. “(K)notty Word” Calculator

Here is the video describing “(K)notty Words” in Action – the fun eBook from 2010

(Please note the offer on the video is no longer available.)


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  1. The (K)notty Words in Action eBook is one of the best tools for embracing the concept of Remember the Ice. I use this tool extensively with my Intensive Coaching Program. The ability to quickly Re-Frame the messages and create Empowering Alternatives to the examples in the book is the fundamental tenet of the entire program.

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