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~~Phil Richards, Qormi, MaltaBusiness Development Executive at Paperless Software Europe Limited 

I met Bob originally through Ecademy, where I read a blog of his about the Remember the Ice concept.  The thing that caught my eye was “Helping You Attract the Life You Want Through Empowering Word Choice” — I bought the book, which arrived signed by Bob, with a note that it was the first of his books sold in Malta.

I read the book, well OK, I left it on the shelf for a month or two and then read it.  The concept and Bob’s way of articulation made an immediate impact on me and I could clearly see where I could improve my word choice, which would have a positive impact on my business.  I continue to use the concepts in my business and personal relationships.  My familial communication has improved significantly, and I smile as I watch my preteen daughter Re-Frame her message with great skill.


~~Robert MacPhee, Founder and President, Heart Set, Inc., Author: “Manifesting of Non-Gurus” Founding Member: Transformational Leadership Council

Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client” is an excellent book for anyone committed to providing the best possible service for their clients.  This book will help you communicate effectively with your customers and your staff, making it easier than ever for your business to grow and thrive.  You may be reminded of some things you already know, but when you ask yourself, “Am I DOING that?” you will understand the real value of this book.


Cornelis deMaijer, Flaka Cruising ~~Cornelis de Maijer, Hoogland, the NetherlandsOrganiser at the Global Smile

In October 2008, I met Bob Nicoll, Chief Paradigm Shifter from Alaska with an interesting concept called: Remember the Ice. I am from Hoogland, The Netherlands, and manage a luxury sailing yacht company catering to those desiring a posh and pampered cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. I was looking for some help on enhancing my marketing message when I found Bob’s profile on Ecademy. We had a great Skype conversation a few days later, and I told him, “Bob, Remember the Ice is such a simple, yet powerful concept to help me with my word choice. In my previous content on my website, I had some poisonous words,” specifically:

Don’t forget to book early.

One simple sentence with a misguided message had a profound impact on his bookings through the years. He was gaining a modest 12-15% increase in bookings for his sailing yachts off the Turkish coast. The same dis-empowering words were on his brochure as well. After being introduced to Remember the Ice and reviewing the free workbook available on  www.remembertheice.com he changed his wording to:

Remember to book early, and experience the difference!”

What was the difference?  “We tripled our business in 2009 and booked 50% for 2010 – by changing TWO words!!”


Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI“Communication is of the utmost importance in business, networking, and life in general and Bob Nicoll’s Remember the Ice program demonstrates how powerful results can be achieved in all areas, simply by focusing on word choice.  I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client raises the bar when it comes to current thinking and ideals regarding customer service.  With just one read-through it will shift your paradigms in a way that will proactively position you and your business for success.”

~~Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI



Exceptional Care of your customers and clients means you create signature moments that propel them back to your business forever. Give them exceptional care and they return the favor. Blueprint your business by this book—expressing exceptional care clearly and powerfully—and discover how you receive a Work Positive lifestyle! 

~~Dr. Joey Faucette, Author – Speaker Work Positive: How to Work Positive in a Negative World,    www.ListentoLife.org


Terri Weary~~Terri Weary – Anchorage, Alaska

I have utilized the concepts of Remember the Ice over the since the Fall of 2009 and have had some remarkable results.  Within my first 90 days of using the concepts, my business increased by 40%. I can see that it will soon double and grow from there. Speaking with respectful elegance, using positive words and being specific has made a difference that others have noticed.  Early on in my training with Bob I was reading my copy of Remember the Ice in the lunch room and a co-worker from a different department asked to sit and eat with me. I invited her to join me, offered her a seat, and put my book away. During our conversation she noticed I was focused in my responses to her and I kept touching my Remember the Ice wrist band.

She was curious and asked what the wrist band was for. I smiled and said it is to help me remember to remove the “knotty words” from my every day language. She was a bit perplexed, so I began to explain. As we talked a few more moments I pointed out she had used the words “not” and “can’t” at least ten times in just a few moments. She was amazed. I than pulled out my book and we went straight to the back and started working on the sentences and bouncing back and forth with ideas of how we would be able to reword them. It was fun and very exciting to be teaching someone else about the “knotty words. We were having so much fun and being so loud the whole lunch room was curious.

As my co-worker was walking away she was smiling and saying, “Wow, this is fun.  I am going to give it a go.”

I finished lunch feeling great that I could share my experience with someone else. She was feeling so excited about what I shared with her. When we meet in the lunch room and we chat she works to catch herself using “knotty words and will replace them with the good, positive words.

I want to thank Bob Nicoll for sharing his world of words with me. It is making a positive difference in my professional and personal life.


~~~Arabella Lewis —  Gloucester, United Kingdom – Contemporary abstract artist

As an artist who thinks in images and colours I can find it challenging to express myself clearly with words.  Reading Remember the Ice has helped me enormously to gain confidence in my word choice in articulating the creative process of painting.

I work intuitively; often in a meditative state and with paint have found a strong rich means of personal expression. The paintings tell their own story visually.  However in order to introduce them to a wider audience words are necessary to give description and definition encouraging people to find a way to ‘read’ them.  Bob’s emphasis on keeping things simple is a key tool to create a powerful message.  I have become aware of the use of k(nots) and am consciously eliminating them.  By speaking clearly and directly, I have found a way to verbally communicate the thoughts behind the paintings.

Since reading Remember the Ice I have rewritten my artist statement, the copy on my website and started a blog. Posters, catalogues and other advertising material are now dynamic and highly effective.  These are all essential marketing tools for my work.  In the competitive art world, I am becoming more visible and my work is attracting increased interest.

On a wall near the computer, I pin up words that inspire me.  “There is Power in the Clarity of your Articulation reminds me daily to choose words consciously.  This empowering statement works at a deep level.  It brings positive focus to thinking and communication at every level.  Most significantly, the teachings of Remember the Ice have affected my artwork by clarifying objectives.  I have clearer ideas how to utilize language to manifest my goals. I can match the energy of my paintings with words.  I now enjoy harnessing the visual, and verbal so they both compliment and work in tandem.  Painting already is a source of joyful creative expression and increasingly so is writing.

Thank you Bob for your continuous inspiration on this exciting creative journey, Arabella.


My friend John Kenworthy, from Singapore, designs effective experiential learning interventions using sports and advanced learning technologies.  His company, CELSIM is about developing people and making a difference in their lives.  As a fan of Remember the Ice, he is including this cutting edge concept with his vast experience as a teacher, trainer, mentor, and entrepreneur. As John says, “I’ve  had the pleasure to have been involved in a wide range of human resource and technology management projects, including management and leadership development, coaching training and team development, business strategy and business transformation and the implementation and effective use of learning technologies.”

“I am totally indebted to my good friend Bob Nicoll, author of the excellent book “Remember The Ice” for this Paradigm Shift. I urge you to get a copy of his book, as it has for many others, it will change your life and success!”


Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the rest of us. It has changed my life forever as well. God bless you and your family.

Taikuu,  ~~Valerie ClewisApplications Support,  NANA Development Corporation, Anchorage, Alaska



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  1. Thank you Bob, for making us aware of our “Knotty” words. We have changed our marketing by using your calculator and the results are staggering. Marked increase in the quality of applicants for our company. Outstanding.

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