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    Dear Bob:

    I was first introduced to your innovative concept a couple of years ago, and have used the deletion of [K]notty words to great advantage ever since.

    The first use was in the promotion of an Alaska Writers Guild conference. But I use this concept in more than business.

    Even in my poetry now, I’m conscious of [K]notty words that wish to creep into my work. I generally eliminate them, to keep my writing stronger and more direct.

    Policing negative words and thought-constructions out of my mind is so much a daily part of my everyday life that I hardly need think of it any more. And what a relief that is!

    Thank you, Bob, for making this positive mental health and business tool available to the world.

    ~~Rebecca A. Goodrich, Anchorage, Alaska Copywriter

    Thank you Rebecca for sharing your thoughts about using Remember the Ice

    Empowering Regards,


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