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    There are moments in one’s life that can only be recognized as FATE. Fate is capricious and fickle but she can also be fortuitous and such is the case with Bob Nicoll. From the very second I was conscious of Bob; I was mesmerized by his voice, his message and his body of knowledge. I was researching information regarding Dr. Ivan Misner, CEO and founder of BNI for an upcoming interview, when I came across an article and recording of Bob Nicoll. It seems these two are linked at the hip, BNI officials, business associates and longtime friends. All I can say is that in that moment, I wanted to interview BOTH of them.

    Bob is a paradigm shifter and a wealth of ‘networking knowledge’ and a BNI Encyclopedia. He is one of the most helpful individuals I know and I know a lot. His Remember the ICE program will get under your skin very quickly. You will notice yourself hesitating in mid-sentence to ask yourself “Is this what I really want to say?”

    Bob says that there is Power in the Clarity of our Articulation and he would know. As a Psychologist Bob’s interest in linguistics and powerful word choices led him to study the Psychophysiology of Words.

    With a voice blessed for Radio and Public Speaking Bob’s program is going to sell like gangbusters- BTW, when are you picking up yours? Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts.

    Frankie Picasso, Ontario, Canada Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host http://www.unstoppablefrankiepicasso.com/

    Thank you so much for your story Frankie.

    Empowering Regards,


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