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Our NEW product page is under construction.

We are nearing the 23rd anniversary of the start of Remember the Ice.

We expect to be back by Friday July 18th. Thank you for your understanding.

If you already know what you wanted to order, please reach out by using the: Send Bob an e Mail Link.

The products and services offered by Author and International Keynote Speaker Bob Nicoll, are based on the simple phrase:  There is Power in the Clarity of your Articulation.  Learning how to re-frame your message to attract more of what you want– is more of what you want…right??  Indulge yourself in the paradigm shifting programs and books that Bob has created.  You will be amazed at your results!!

His ground-breaking sales training program:  Increase Sales with BETTER Word Choice! has helped businesses increase sales by over 500% in 30 days!!

If you would like to order multiple items you can change the quantity amount in the checkout page of the store.

For EVENTS on the Calendar, the times are all Mountain Time.  Thank you.

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