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    Thank you for coming along on this fun look at the 6 BIG Sales Killing Mistakes.

    When you pay attention to the words you use to convey your message you can dramatically increase your desired results. In sales and customer service exchanges, you would be surprised at the plethora of bad habits and poor word choice that litters the lexicographical landscape.

    Communication is at the core of every personal moment, experience, transaction and interaction. You are either cultivating and nurturing sales – or cutting them off at the kneecaps!

    Here is the sixth example from the 6 BIG Sales Killing Mistakes that make your Customers Close their Wallets!!
    For our discussion, we will identify the Situation, label the Problem, see the Implication and focus on what you Need for a resolution.

    6. Lazy language.

    Situation: You want to sound intelligent, and make a good showing; however you just flat out have no idea how to answer her question. Saying “I don’t know” sounds easy to do.

    Problem: When you tell her “I don’t know”, she might perceive you as being lazy and/or unwilling to find out the information she desires. Lazy language sets up a broken promise of sorts.

    Implication: As a trained professional, you are perceived as someone with the answers to her questions. When you offer “I don’t know” as your best alternative—well let’s just say you blew it!

    Need: You need to bring your A-Game each day. Study your products and services and be able to answer her questions. If you need help from your manager or colleague, offer this: Let me check on that so I can give you the best information.
    With just a simple shift in word choice, the experience has changed for the better, and both parties have more value and a win-win event.

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