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    October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

    There are numerous organizations that are dedicated to raising funds to fight this insidious disease.  They include the American Cancer Society; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Susan G. Komen for the Cure; Breast Cancer Research Foundation; The Rose; Breast Cancer Connections; and several more.

    Breast cancer touches so many women; there is a good chance a family member or good friend has fought their battle with it.  Nearly 1 in 8 women who are born in the United States will have breast cancer in their lifetime.

    My wife Nancy is one of them:


    I asked her about her best step in protecting herself.  “Making my appointment for a mammogram was my best move, because I took the action and got the results early; and beat it!”  She also commented, “The fundraising is important and helps the doctors draw closer to finding a cure; however, getting the test done is the next right thing.  Just do it!” Breast cancer screening is the most important step a woman can take to protect herself against breast cancer.

    With respect to “(K)notty Words”, the following message was on a postcard mailed by a major healthcare provider.  At Remember the Ice, we are constantly looking for messages with impactful intention; yet end up with various levels of confusion.

    Image result for don't forget to make your mammogram appointment

    Found on Pinterest

    To avoid any confusion, what if the message was simply:

    Set your mammogram appointment now.

    Get it done for you!

    Here is hoping the women you know and care about took the time to do the next right thing to win the fight against breast cancer.  I am so grateful that Nancy took her proactive step.  Love you, Princess.

    Empowering Regards,


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