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    Innovation lives outside the box. The greatest innovations have come from those who challenged conventional thinking.

    At Remember the Ice, we believe we live outside the box by helping you enhance your communication skills by focusing on BETTER Word Choice, raising your awareness of (K)notty Words, understanding the power of Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance, treating yourself and others with Respectful Elegance, Circling the Situation and doing the Next Right Thing.

    All of these concepts are contained in: Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts

    You can get your copy here

    When you first looked at the puzzle, you may have created a “box” around the nine dots. Alas, doing so leaves the middle dot dis-connected.

    You have to go beyond the initial red box you perceive in your mind’s eye. The innovation lives in the area outside – where you need to go to answer the puzzle.

    Hope you enjoyed this one.

    Empowering Regards,


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