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The people on this page make up the team of presenters and associates for the Empowering Word Choice program known simply as: Remember the Ice. These individuals heard Bob present the simple story of changing the words on a sign in a convenience store, and were captivated by the far reaching effects of the Re-Framed new message: from Don’t forget the ice to Remember the Ice.

Members of the team are:

Karl LeRay

Karl owned Apex Logic, a first rate computer services company, and provided the mentoring, guidance and expertise to build my website. One of his passions was riding his Harley. On June 15-16 he was on a ride with some fellow bikers – from Anchorage to Haines, Alaska. At the Canadian border, they stopped in the early morning (1 AM) to stretch their legs. As they were walking toward a car in the parking lot, Karl collapsed. Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful and he passed away at 1:11 AM on the 16th. (06-16-11)

“Karl, you were a great friend and colleague, and will be missed by many. Your laugh and quick sarcastic wit coupled with your broad spectrum of knowledge made you a tremendous conversationalist. I will miss our excellent conversations and how you were so supportive of your friends and their causes.”

Cornelis De Maijer

Cornelis de Maijer I met Bob online via Ecademy.com, a social business network where a lot of insights of “how to” and personal journeys are shared in order to help the other one… In that atmosphere I had learned about online business and social media.

My business was doing well, yet I knew we were leaving “money on the table.” Our website and shop were in place however something was costing me energy, was taking more time then I planned to spend resulting in an overload of day-to-day small tasks; however every day I had to close down with still a bunch of things to do on my desk.

I had learned that everything is created so I started wondering what I was creating, how I did that and what the ultimate solutions were. After many hours of looking, searching and talking I was searching on Ecademy. I put “positive word use” in the search window (as a kind of last rescue, who knows what it could bring were my thoughts) and there he was; Bob with his Remember the Ice.

Remember to Book EarlyAfter hearing him talk I realized… I was “poisoning” the sales/booking process by using “(K)notty Words”. In that time I sold cruises in the Mediterranean and one of the most difficult tasks was getting new and repeat bookings. 

Once gone means; for many years gone.

One of the statements on my website was: DON’T FORGET TO BOOK EARLY! (YIKES it was all in capitals…)

I changed it DIRECTLY to Remember to book early!

I spent the whole weekend re-writing my sales texts, email templates and E-Brochures and the results after a few weeks were already there. More and easier bookings because I now use the proper words that encourage people to book and book early. I met Bob on a Skype call in October 2008 and by late January 2009 had already booked 60% of the maximum capacity!! By March we were at 85%…. and I knew I wanted to meet Bob in person. By May when he arrived we were over 105% and finished the season tripling our sales. Plus we booked over half of the next season!

I wanted him to come to Europe as we need this powerful message here, Bob stayed for 7 weeks touring around, and he spent over 100 hours teaching me the numerous insights about BETTER Word Choice. My family has embraced the concepts as well. It is a joy to watch my children remind me to “remember the ice.”

It is easy for me to say that Remember the Ice has changed my life.

That’s the power of Remember the Ice, AND that is why I am such a huge fan and became a coach!

Cornelis De Maijer

100% Picture Thinker who highlights your message with RTI!

Annetta Chappell

Annetta first heard about Remember the Ice at the BNI National Conference in Milwaukee, WI, (April 2009). She is the owner and operator of an insurance agency in Bellefontaine, OH for the last 13 years. Following Bob’s presentation, she purchased his book, Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts, on CD.  After listening to the CDs several times and utilizing the basic concepts/techniques with her daughter of 18 months; Annetta and her husband Doug were amazed that changing a few words would have such a positive impact on communicating with Annika.

A significant shift for Doug and Annetta occurred when they continued to change their outlook and attitude toward their young daughter. Annika was now thought of being in her “Terrific Twos” versus the infamous “Terrible Twos”.

Later in 2009 she contacted Bob with an interest in promoting Remember the Ice in the lower 48 states. Bob developed a comprehensive training program and in August 2010 she began the 13 week intensive training. In December Annetta became the first Certified Paradigm Shifter (CPS) to join the RTI Team. She has transformed her communication skills and does a fantastic job teaching the concepts.

“The training made a phenomenal change in the way I speak and behave. In my insurance business, my staff notices how much easier it is to share the message of protection in a congruent manner. I remove the “(K)notty Words” and my prospective and active clients feel more comfortable about their relationship with me as their trusted agent. The change takes time and practice as all new skill sets do; and I appreciate the concept of Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance as I continue my journey of using empowering word choice. My communication is more authentic.”

LuAnn Buechler

LuAnn is a Certified Passion Test Facilitator. According to Bob, “When I met her at the BNI International Conference in San Diego, November 2007, I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm and passion for helping others. A seasoned meeting planner and veteran of 30 years in the hospitality industry, she has seen almost every situation in the area of customer service imaginable. It was that expertise and desire to share the Remember the Ice message that had us collaborate and co-author the second book in the RTI series:  Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client.”

Passionate about everything she does, LuAnn is also a part of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC) working team. TLC is an organization created by Jack Canfield, best-selling co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, where transformational leaders share best practices and co-create humanitarian projects to transform the world.

LuAnn is the creator of the Get Connected Conference series. This event covers several days and is designed to provide valuable, practical entrepreneurial education from some of the most noteworthy and successful experts in the networking field to those business professionals who conduct a significant amount of their business through word-of-mouth or referral marketing. Presenters focus exclusively on how business can survive and thrive in any challenging economic environment.

When Bob sat down to write a book that would take his empowering and life-changing concepts from “Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts” and apply them to providing exceptional care for valued clients, he turned to LuAnn. By sharing her wisdom and experience with Bob and Bronwyn, her extensive contributions have helped bring depth, meaning and insight to its pages.

After completing the Remember the Ice training in May 2011 LuAnn is now a Certified Paradigm Shifter for the RTI Team and in her various capacities she focuses on sharing her message from an empowering word choice perspective.

Bronwyn Emery

Bronwyn Emery 2 Bob first met Bronwyn when they worked together for the Alaska Wild, an arena football team in Anchorage, Alaska (April 2007).  “She has an extraordinary gift of taking “spoken words” and putting them on paper while capturing the voice of the speaker. She is amazing at doing this, and I was fortunate enough to use her developmental editing skills on my first book. She is now a Certified Paradigm Shifter and a member of the RTI Team.”

Remember the Ice…   The concepts are working for me.

As the mother of two teenage girls and a young son, I find one of the most challenging areas of my life to be communicating effectively and consistently with my children as they change and grow, and as their needs and relationships with the world around them change and grow.

I have discovered that the practice of untying my verbal “(k)nots” has made communicating with them far more empowering for each of us.

It is very easy to slip a “don’t” or “can’t” or some other “(k)not” into a command or request, but it is a lazy and disrespectful way of speaking to anyone, and it’s no wonder my children would get defensive and respond negatively when I used them.

I find that the act of eliminating any (k)not from my speech is just the beginning; the trick is to replace it with something constructive that delivers my message clearly. In the split second it takes to flip through my internal thesaurus and choose better words, I allow myself to take a breath, remain calm, and check my reaction to whatever is in front of me.

My tone of voice automatically adjusts to one of reason and respect, and I regain control of the situation.

When I consider what is about to come out of my mouth, and avoid the (k)nots as if they were landmines, my role becomes one of a helpful leader rather than a ticked-off mother. I am able to set clear expectations, outline reasonable consequences, or suggest a course of action, depending on what needs to be communicated in that instance.

I have been untying (k)nots for several months now, and my children’s responses have been very powerful.  We function more as a team, diffuse and often completely avoid confrontations all together, and trust each other to listen and actually hear what we’re saying. I often overhear my daughters settle arguments or arrange compromises by using empowering language choices, and it is such a breath of fresh air. My son is active and noisy and on the go constantly, but when I speak to him he slows down to hear my message and acknowledge it, even if that means taking the garbage out.

We still have all the drama and disagreements of any family, but now we also have these powerful and effective tools to help keep our lines of communication open and working.

This is one paradigm shift I plan to maintain for good.  I’m looking forward to the next one.

– Bronwyn Emery ,  Writing Solutions


Joan West

Joan WestAs the most recent graduate of the Certified Paradigm Shifter program offered by Remember the Ice, we are proud to welcome her. She is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping others. From her custom bottle design business to being a Senior Manager/Certified Trainer with Send Out Cards and now a CPS with RTI, her engaging personality will have you wanting to collaborate with her. Here is her story about wanting to become a trainer of BETTER Word Choice. Welcome Joanie!

As I’ve become a proud student of self- improvement over the past several years, this winter finally took me to the end of my rope. I actually got a flash of conscious awareness enough to ask myself two major questions with the first one being, “Who am I” and the second one was “what do I really want to be doing with my life?”

First, I did a lot of journaling getting my thoughts out of my head, then I asked for some help from a marketing specialists; the results of having better questions presented to me allowed me to work through the distractions of my previous and current actions in order to align my end-result desires to match up with my day to day working and living. My light bulb was finally turned ON!  (Thank you Alice you woke me up and I’m forever grateful)

Next, as a result of taking what I had learned from Alice, along with my free flowing creativity, I had created a meaningful project relating to the Girl Scouts of America, wanting to incorporate a new badge to be earned called “Gratitude”. I decided this held so much heartfelt meaning that this would require someone with more skills than I had to get it totally right. I knew I needed someone really qualified. So who and what do I need? I consciously asked myself a few questions;

  • “Joanie, who do you know that can help you with getting it out of your head, saying what you want to say, the way you want it and have it be totally understood the very first time?
  • “Who do I know that’s like-minded; kind, generous, enjoys encouraging people toward better choices and very importantly someone I would WANT to work with? (as the layers of digging take place in seconds in our minds, I could hear myself saying, “You know the one, the one you like and could trust. Who would that be?)

The very next thought crossing my mind was, “hey what about Bob Nicoll?” I would love to work with Bob and I know I could trust him. His message is all about helping people with better word choice and that’s what I want too. So far I see WIN, WIN how could he say no?

I first met Bob a couple of years earlier at an event in Augusta, Georgia. Bob’s Remember the ICE message for me was simply this: a new awareness which allowed for a new perspective to take shape in my thinking which I could consider using for myself anytime I wanted to. He said, I already had everything I needed right now.

So from that experience I was excited and wanted to remember it when I got home too so I bought his book, read it and signed up for his Ice Chips (e-Newsletter).

Yes, I want Bob Nicoll working with me on my project. Being a person who loves finding simple solutions people could incorporate into their lives personally and professionally, I wanted to come up with one for Bob and his business so there could be no way he would consider saying “no” as a response back to me.

Auh…that’s easy, I love his ICE CHIPS, I wonder if he’s ever considered creating them into a product line of a deck of cards…simply shuffle the cards and pick one out every day.  Simple reminders as food for thought. Daily reminder flash cards have helped keep me on track with what I’m choosing for better choices in my life these days soooo…it’s a perfect better choice solution for people  “words mean things”  Anyone can use them, they’re a great teaching tool for the whole family or the whole office … hmmm…this is sounding like WIN-WIN-WIN now!

Okay so what’s the best way for me to embark on making contact with him that he actually will receive the information and communication I want him to receive?  I figured as long as he gets my message he can tell me “no” however I have to have him (see it, touch it, read it and feel it and then tell me yes or no) So,  I created a real greeting card with my picture on it, briefly reminded him how we had met and then gave my message of wanting to work with him on a project that I thought would be WIN-WIN-WIN!

I created and sent the card and the rest is history…he got it, he read it, he had a feeling about it and he took action on it…… he responded back!  Yeah!!!!!  My communication worked. The SMILE that was on my face when BOB actually called me was priceless… I can still see it and feel it! I’m sooooo happy and grateful for having reached out to Bob and for his responding back to me, thank you Bob.

How did we come up with the idea of The BIG Toe Experience?

As Bob and I conversed and he asked me what I want?  I said, “I want people to WAKE UP, get conscious with themselves, say what they mean and mean what they say. I want people to put their BIG Toe in and consider some simple shifts in their thinking and doing. Some thinking and doing that will serve them towards their dreams and goals over a lifetime versus existing by default and all the stuff that clutters their life.

Lisa Coleman

Lisa is a seasoned Sr. Loan Officer with Hometrust Mortgage in the Houston, TX market. She was introduced to Remember the Ice in October 2010 at a presentation by Bob. “I immediately saw the impact of getting rid of the “(K)notty Words” and wanted to pursue a more advanced training program.” She began the Certified Paradigm Shifter training in February 2011 and has just completed the process in May.

Lisa and her husband Michael have a 13 year-old son and 21 year-old daughter and she notes the entire family has begun to eradicate those “(K)notty Words” and they enjoy the process. Her son has become very adept at “catching” mom or dad if they slip.

“I really appreciate Bob’s program on a professional basis as well as with my family and friends. The mortgage industry is full of “don’ts” and “can’ts” and “won’ts”, and it is refreshing to speak with clients and use the Re-Framing Five instead. Empowering Word Choice is an important skill to have.”

“I am a professional Mortgage Loan Consultant who can deliver competitively priced loans with personal hands-on service. I started in the mortgage industry in 1998 and over the years I have built strong relationships with my clients and business partners. I believe that every client is my most important customer and will put my years of knowledge to work to find the right mortgage program for my client’s financial situation. I am committed to delivering the best customer service possible by providing honesty, integrity, and dependable service throughout the loan process.”

Lisa is a very effective teacher of the concepts. Welcome to the RTI Team.


Nspired LogoNspired Networking was created by co-founders Amy Kilpatrick and David Crumbaugh. Both come from an Accounting background and both are BNI Directors. Amy is the Executive Director for Augusta, GA and Aiken, S.C., and David is a Managing Area Director in the San Antonio, TX region.

Bob is a certified trainer of the Connect the Dots program offered by Nspired Networking and applies the Empowering Word Choice concepts of Remember the Ice to their training manuals and courses. Both David and Amy are students of the concepts and implement them regularly.

Nspired Networking Enterprises, LLC offers cutting edge networking techniques that are offered in a variety of ways to work with our clients on an individual or large corporate levels. Their business, is helping you grow your business. They strive to provide both high quality and high impact tools that can be used to effectively expand your sphere of influence.


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