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    At Remember the Ice; the concept of “talk less, and say more” is a fundamental tenet.

    In Proverbs 4:23, the message is powerful; have a look –

    Verse 23 is spot on.

    However verse 24, from a Remember the Ice perspective, sets up a chaotic cerebral conversation for the reader.

    • Don’t use your mouth to tell lies. Don’t ever say things that are not true.

    When don’t and not enter your conversation, they attract the opposite of what you want.

    Verse 25 steers us back, encouraging us to keep our focus on what is ‘right and good’.

    At Remember the Ice, we believe it is ‘right and good’ to rid our language of (K)notty Words. Doing so allows for better communication and better results. Talk less, and say more.

    Here are the 28 (K)notty Words to avoid.

    For assistance and coaching, call me at 702-423-1383.

    Empowering Regards,


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