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    I just got the book “Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts” from Bob Nicoll. I like it. I have the impression; using the tools taught here will increase my communication big time – I am looking forward to getting started!

    Instead of speed reading it; I read some sentences twice or 3 times to fully understand. I was a bit of a skeptic in the beginning, as I have never heard anything like it before (and it’s far beyond positive thinking). I am convinced now- I really do like it!

    Everybody needing to communicate a message, being a professional or at home with your family – even with yourself – those people will gain big time from that book… basically everybody really.

    I enjoy the book, I enjoy the journey and I highly recommend this book.

    Torsten Kinzelt, Zurich, Switzerland Business Development at the Highland Group

    Thank you, Torsten for your support of Remember the Ice.

    Empowering Regards,


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