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    Hiett Ives has been a longtime fan and user of Remember the Ice. He shares some powerful points in this week’s Ice Chip. He regularly practices the concepts in his Show Dynamics Company – helping presenters at trade shows. www.ShowDynamics.com

    As an ardent practitioner and proponent of “Remember the Ice” principles, I am always looking for ways to “enhance” the positive advantages of (your articulation statement). The changing of the word “IF” to “WHEN” is one I’ve previously shared and is one which changes the whole tenor and feel of a statement simply by its substitution. See if you can keep the same demeanor when you say these two sentences out loud:

    “If we choose to move ahead with this project, then… “
    “When we choose to move ahead with this project, then…”

    I’m guessing you find it difficult to do – and that’s the point. ACT positive/proactive with WHEN and things are very likely to GO that way!

    Now here are two more subtle upticks on classic statements we use all too often.

    As a 60+ male I am today sporting the first ever beard in my life. It started with my last shave on Christmas Eve morning 2014 and in the early days, as people noticed facial growth I would say “I’ve NEVER had one before” – a true statement made in the negative – with which I was uncomfortable. How to change that? I now state “This is the FIRST one of these I’ve EVER had!!” I say it with pride and those who hear it react far more POSITIVELY (regardless of their opinion thereof!!). It also helps me remember I’m always young enough to do something new!!

    On the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend I had a new business prospect suggest lunch on Memorial Day Monday – even after being reminded it was a holiday. I accepted, along with a third party, who knows my wife!! Over the weekend, I called to confirm, having yet to tell my wife of MY Memorial Day plans. Did you catch that? – “Having yet to tell my wife”. You’re correct to say, as do most, “I have NOT told my wife, but I will.” And with that comes all the “And what then scenarios” running through your head.

    How much easier it is to POSITIVELY ADMIT “I have yet to tell my wife/boss/coworker/ children – with the clear implication that it is going to happen – so you can complete the sentence with “AND when I do … (you fill in the rest)”. The prospect and expectation is a whole lot more POSITIVE when you simply admit YOU’VE YET TO REVEAL.

    So, in conclusion – “I’ve NEVER…” becomes “This is the FIRST TIME…” and “I did NOT tell…” becomes “I have YET TO tell…” Add these to your When versus If scenarios and you are going to further instill the Remember The Ice principals into your every action.

    Thank you Hiett for your support and continual application of Remember the Ice concepts. That is the highest compliment one can give to me, and I appreciate it very much.

    Empowering Regards,


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