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    When you pay attention to the words you use to convey your message you can dramatically increase your desired results. In sales and customer service exchanges, you would be surprised at the plethora of bad habits and poor word choice that litters the lexicographical landscape.

    Communication is at the core of every personal moment, experience, transaction and interaction. You are either cultivating and nurturing sales – or cutting them off at the kneecaps!

    Here is the third of the 6 BIG Sales Killing Mistakes that make your Customers Close their Wallets!!
    For our discussion, we will identify the Situation, label the Problem, see the Implication and focus on what you Need for a resolution.

    3. Planting the seed of the opposite.

    Situation: Your marketing material, advertising content and television commercials end with “Don’t hesitate to give us a call.”

    Problem: Our minds paint pictures. Don’t think of the color blue; yet, what color do you think of? Blue. Your mind has no image of “not blue”, or “not hesitate.” Your mind DOES have vivid images of BLUE and DO HESITATE. Your mind calls up what is most convenient, following the path of least resistance.

    Implication: Your customer calls up their picture of “hesitation” – and does exactly that. THEY HESITATE. During the time they hesitate on your message, they find alternatives to pursue!

    Need: Tell me what you want me to do.
    Pick up the phone, call us now and receive your 15% discount.
    Be sure to see the exceptional savings on this season’s new styles!
    Stop by on the way home! Come on in!

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