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    As you look at the opening comment for the last few posts, do you notice a pattern? I hope so. Learning the concepts of Remember the Ice is about repetition. It is basic concepts becoming formed and natural to our thought processes.

    When you pay attention to the words you use to convey your message you can dramatically increase your desired results. In sales and customer service exchanges, you would be surprised at the plethora of bad habits and poor word choice that litters the lexicographical landscape.

    Communication is at the core of every personal moment, experience, transaction and interaction. You are either cultivating and nurturing sales – or cutting them off at the kneecaps!

    Here is the fourth example from the 6 BIG Sales Killing Mistakes that make your Customers Close their Wallets!!

    For our discussion, we will identify the Situation, label the Problem, see the Implication and focus on what you Need for a resolution.

    1. Communicating that other things are more important than your customer.

    Situation: She has asked you several questions; however you have been focused on something else. Her frustration is showing and you, with “your deer in the headlights look”, show little, if any, interest; and look at her asking, “What was your question?”

    Problem: Your focus on other things is distracting to her. She wants to be heard, noticed and treated with respect. Your lack of interest, attention and focus could result in her taking her business elsewhere.  

    Implication: This is a fairly simple case of mistaken gratitude. Where keeping a customer is your company’s #1 desire; your actions of suffocating the possible transaction with a lack of interest, is devastating!

    Need: Give massive attention to the details.

    • Embrace training.
    • Study your product line continuously.
    • Welcome your customer’s questions.
    • Be prepared.
    • Bring your “A-Game” each and every time you work with your customer.

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