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    The Remember the Ice story is based on the fundamental principle of removing the 28 “(K)notty Words” from our word choices.

    Not  Don’t  Can’t  Won’t  Wouldn’t
    Couldn’t  Shouldn’t  Should  But  Try
    Ain’t  All  Always  Aren’t  Cannot
    Didn’t  Doesn’t  Every  Hadn’t  Hasn’t
    Haven’t  Isn’t  Mustn’t  Never  Ought
    Shant  Wasn’t  Weren’t

    Why, you ask?

    We need to remove them because they create confusion in our messages and usually attract the opposite of what we want.

    On Saturday Morning I watched HLN’s Weekend Express show report on preparing for the big storm in the Northeast. They began the report with the announcer saying, “Here is what NOT to do and what you SHOULD NOT do as you prepare for this major storm.”

    Then they listed the following:

    Don’t forget to fill your prescriptions.
    Don’t shovel the snow if you’re not physically fit.
    Don’t heat your home with charcoal grills.

    Fundamentals revisited:

    When you remove the “(K)notty Words”, you are left with: forgetting your prescriptions, shoveling snow if you are fit and heating your home with a charcoal grill.

    So let’s remember to focus on what we want to have happen.

    Here is what TO DO to prepare for the storm:

    Remember your prescriptions.
    Only shovel the snow if you are fit, otherwise get someone else.
    Never use a charcoal grill to heat your home. (Carbon monoxide is produced – and can kill you!)

    Thank you for staying safe by removing the “(K)notty Words” from your messages.

    Sticking with the fundamentals of Remember the Ice will help you communicate more effectively. Take a moment to go to our home page and review the video with the story.

    We appreciate all of you who have been with us since we started the Ice Chips (January 2009).

    Empowering Regards,


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