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    Sharing the concept of Remember the Ice with colleagues in a business setting is a great opportunity to experience the paradigm shift of using BETTER Word Choice to attract more of what you want.

    For example: you are involved in an important meeting discussing the details of a major project. The Project Manager is focusing on sharing some points of what he/she wants the group to not focus on. (This is a common experience: making of list of what NOT to do.)

    Speak up and offer an alternative. “What if we focus on what we WANT TO DO? Let’s eliminate the Nots and Don’ts and Can’ts from our list and determine what we are going to do to accomplish our end goal.”

    Remember, there is always an alternative approach to accomplish your goal. Identify what your end goal is. Think of at least three to five new ways to address it. Focus on what you CAN do to get there; and then go do it.

    Collaborating with your colleagues from this new perspective could result in more success in a shorter time frame. Offering an “Alternative Way” Suggestion Box for team members to submit ideas can foster new paradigms. The one stipulation for each submission is that all “(K)notty Words” are eliminated. Only ideas laced with BETTER Word Choice are accepted.

    We at Remember the Ice would love to hear how this works for you and your organization. Please send feedback in a response to this Ice Chip. Thank you to Ben Honig, for requesting a strategy utilizing Remember the Ice in the work setting.

    Empowering Regards,


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