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  • Ice Chip #355

    Ben: Emily, I don’t want to stop this journey with you. Will you accept this rose?
    Emily: (jumping into an embrace with Ben) YES!!

    Look at the confusion that was created. It will be curious to see if Emily makes it further in the show.

    Yes, my wife and I watch the Bachelor. From a Remember the Ice perspective, there are numerous examples of “(K)notty Words” littering each show. Our everyday conversations are full of them. On this most recent two hour episode, there were over 300 examples of nots, don’ts, can’ts, etc.

    For the moment, Ben could have been so much clearer in his message to Emily on that beach in the Bahamas.

    Ben: Emily, I want to continue this journey with you.

    The simple tenet of Remember the Ice: tell me what you want.

    • I want you to remember to buy ice.
    • I want to continue this journey with you.
    • I want you to finish your chores.
    • I want you to do your homework.
    • We want you to stop using “(K)notty Words” and use the BETTER Word Choice concepts of Remember the Ice.

    Empowering Regards,


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