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  • Ice Chip #359

    Check out these examples of confusing messages. They were sent to me by two great fans of Remember the Ice – Ray Coutu from Arizona and Hiett Ives from Texas. Thank you gentlemen for your submissions – and your support!

    After having a look, think about how much easier it would be to eliminate the “(K)notty Words” and clear up the chaos of the message.
    Just because
    Hiett sent this one in recently. A bit unsure of the overall message here; it appears that a bad idea can be a good time. Would it make more sense to focus on a better idea? Just saying.

    This next one was received on the same day from Ray.
    Remember... don't forget
    Simply remind folks of what you would like them to do.

    If you have a great example of “(K)notty Words” in Action… send them to me. Just respond to this Ice Chip.

    Empowering Regards,


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