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    How does the world’s highest bridge provide an interesting perspective for Remember the Ice?

    Well when it comes to the power of using BETTER Word Choice, we use any and all of the examples we can to get our point across.

    Located near the southern end of France, the bridge was the last major connection on the A75 motorway, a 4-lane highway that had been under construction in one form or another since 1975. It opened in December 2004. Several routes were proposed that would have put the Tarn River crossing either east or west of the small town of Millau. Here is an aerial view of the terrain.


    I look at that terrain and see it as the challenging landscape of (K)notty Words” in action. The thought of getting across this valley in a short time was for many years just a dream.How in the world do we get across that deep valley covered with winding roads? Using BETTER Word Choice is like building a bridge to smooth out the traveler’s journey. The Millau Viaduct spans the river Tarn in France and stands 1,125 feet high. Let’s get that into proportion, it’s a bridge higher than the Eiffel Tower! It is so high that special engineering was needed to combat the 95 mph winds! (Hmmm… like the cerebral chaos that is created by poor word choice.)



    Using this state of the art bridge, constructed with paradigm changing construction, you can see how easy it is to cross the valley near Millau. It took the team three years to finish the job.

    For the process of ridding your lexicographical landscape of (K)notty Words”, just remember to focus on what you want to attract. Think about the Re-Framing Five as taught in Remember the Ice. (You can begin accomplishing this task in a matter of weeks – or even days if you are highly motivated.)

    Respond to this email if you would like the accelerated version of wrapping your mind around using BETTER Word Choice and significantly enhancing your communication skills.

    What are those Re-Framing Five you ask?

    Happy to share them with you:

    • Do
    • Can
    • Will
    • Would
    • Could

    Sacre Bleu!! With this Ice Chip, I just realized I have an addition to my bucket list.

    In the meantime I will continue traveling the BETTER Word Choice highway, and experience the joy of teaching this paradigm shifting concept to the masses.

    Come and join me.

    Empowering Regards,



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