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    How many times have you been watching a television show where they want to make sure you stay put and wait for the big moment – coming right after a commercial break – yet they implore you with one the following messages?

    From ABC’s The Bachelor host Chris Harrison: It’s the most dramatic moment you don’t want to miss!! Or maybe it’s Carson Daly of The VOICE with his plea: It’s a 4 chair turn you don’t want to miss—

    Or your favorite radio talk show host’s last words on his/her way to a break are: Don’t go away!”

    Here is a simple solution to these messages, and one that will help improve ratings as well.

    You see, there will be members of the viewing and listening audiences that will follow the directions they were just given.

    Those directions led to Bachelor fans MISSING THE MOST DRAMATIC MOMENT!!!


    And finally, the infamous situation of listeners changing the station because they were told to GO AWAY!!

    Yikes, that last one seemed a bit rude.

    It’s as simple as the recent conversation I had with my friend Russell, an accomplished Automobile Relationship Manager (formerly “car salesman”). He is a new student of Remember the Ice and works diligently at re-framing his message. He wanted to share an idea with me about doing a presentation for him and his fellow ARMs at the dealership.

    Bob, “I don’t think… oops. Ahh, I mean. I don’t know how to say what I want without a ‘not’ in the middle of it.”

    Drum Roll……. Here is the secret.

    Tell me what you want me to do.

    For Chris Harrison, “Be here for the most dramatic moment of this season.” Has a far better chance of keeping viewers watching the drama.

    For Carson Daly, “This is a 4 chair turn you have to see!!” keeps fans on the edge of their own chair.

    “Stay right there. We’ll be right back.” will keep listeners tuned into their favorite shows.

    For Russell I suggested he just share his point of view on the matter we were discussing.

    “I think the casual golf shirt with your company logo will look fine as you present.”

    Done. The Remember the Ice golf shirt it is.

    Have fun with this exercise.

    When you hear your inner voice getting ready to become a cacophonous sound, check first if you are attracting the opposite of what you want – OR – if you are making a specific request for a specific desired behavior or result.

    Have an amazingly powerful word choice day.

    Empowering Regards,


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