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    Go back to the early days of your most important relationships.

    Okay. Now imagine having to develop your relationship via email or texting only.

    That’s right. No talking.

    You have to share your emotions, deep thoughts, and body language with those annoying emoticons and acronyms that clutter up your text message screen and inbox.

    What is your impression of the possibility for a meaningful conversation via the above methods?

    (I realize I am using an email to convey this message – trust me, I would rather have a verbal, face to face conversation instead.)

    Think about the power of nurturing a business relationship with your clients by meeting in person with them (if the opportunity presents itself) or at least having a conversation on a webcam or the phone.

    Just consider the power of having a spoken word conversation where you have the ability to read body language and share your enthusiasm or disappointment. Emotion and physiology are key components to any meaningful conversation.

    So TALK with your clients. Meet with them. Cultivate these important relationships with one of the most powerful tools on the planet –

    The Spoken Word, using BETTER Word Choice. Remember the Ice

    Empowering Regards,


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