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    Ice Chips are about sharing inspirational messages with an emphasis on shifting paradigms.

    In October 2013, I listened to an interview by ESPN Radio talk show host Freddie Coleman with Hugh Freeze, the second year head coach of the Ole Miss Football Team. He is an inspiration to many for the way he looks at things.

    In an article from the Bleacher Report, this becomes very evident.

    Perhaps what’s even more attractive about Freeze is his alternate approach to football and life. To illustrate, here is how Freeze defined success in his first team meeting at Ole Miss.

    “We’ll define success here when you come in the locker room after 60 minutes, and you sit [down] to the guy next to you, and you can say to him, “I did every single thing in my power today to make sure you were successful.  Not me. (sic)  You.” And when we get to that point, we’re going to have success.” 

    Freeze is a coach advocating “the other guy” and “playing for love” in a society that celebrates the individual and grooms the hater to hate.

    What a powerful message of commitment to others.

    When that message is articulated from a base of powerful word choice and congruent body language, you can inspire great things. We respond to powerful, congruent messages.

    Remember the Ice is based on three simple, yet profound statements.

    1. There is Power in the Clarity of your Articulation
    2. There is Power in the Physiology of your Articulation
    3. There is Power in the Congruency of your Articulation.

    Be consistent in applying these foundational concepts and your message will be inspiring as well.

    At Remember the Ice, we define success as using BETTER Word Choice to convey messages that proclaim:  I did every single thing in my power to make sure my spoken words helped you in being successful. I focused on sharing empowering word choice that moved you in the direction of doing the next right thing.

    Have a truly empowering, inspiring, paradigm shifting week of conveying massive success to those who most important to you.

    Empowering Regards,



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