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    This week’s message is the Top Ten list of concepts contained in Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts. When you embrace these simple yet far reaching suggestions and ideas, your communication skills are enhanced beyond measure:

    Number 10: Your Quality of Life is based on the Quality of Your Questions. QL=QQ.

    Number 9: You can find the 28 “(K)notty Words” on the Remember the Ice website.

    Number 8: Stop and think about what you want to say.

    Number 7: In Remember the Ice, treating others the way they would like to be treated is called: Respectful Elegance.

    Number 6: Circling the Situation is a powerful concept in coming up with alternative ideas. (Note: This concept is explained in Chapter 8 of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts.)

    Number 5: People tend to spend way too much time “Shoulding” on themselves and others. It would be a great idea to quit!

    Number 4: Understanding the concept of Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance (Chapter 2 of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts) helps you feel better about Change in your life.

    Number 3: Your spoken words combined with congruent physiology offer a more impactful message.

    Number 2: Raise your awareness of “(K)notty Words”.

    Number 1: Clarity is Power.

    When you consider just how profound the idea of BETTER Word Choice can be – you want to know more about Remember the Ice.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Empowering Regards,


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