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  • Ice Chip #385

    In a world with mixed messages, confusing directions and distracting noise; do you sometimes feel like you are at a crossroads filled with chaos?

    Have a look at this sign.

    confused(You can find this clever sign and many others in the Stuart Miles portfolio on ShutterStock.com)

    Can you hear the banter going on in your head about some of the messages you hear and see and think about?

    Remember the Ice uses BETTER Word Choice to erase the confusion of “(K)notty Words”.

    For example: When you remove the apostrophe “t” from the word “can‘t” you find you CAN do it. The simple, yet profound, enhancement to this word brings a paradigm shifting behavior for you to fulfill. Stop and think about it. You CAN do the things you thought might have been out of your reach, because of using faulty language — using “(K)notty Words”.

    Take a look at this message:

    (Copyright Ben Honig)

    With a simple shift in words you realize you CAN be Safe, and CAN do it here. (Safety sign on a construction site)

    Look at the confusion created by the “(K)not” in this message.

    (Copyright is on the picture – too small to read)

    YIKES! With this message, the interpretation suggests being responsible for what you understand as well. That is a tall order for any of us.

    Maybe brevity is our best tool. “I am responsible for what I say.”

    Commenting on your understanding is optional, and my hope is you have an open mind and will consider the content of this message.

    Empowering Regards,


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