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    This week’s Ice Chip comes from a very special person in my life – my wife Nancy. We have been together since November of 2002 and she picked up on the Remember the Ice concept rather quickly.

     “Nancy, this Ice Chip is your platform.”


    Wow, What a Sign!  Have you ever felt this way before?

    Unfortunately many of us do when we overhear, or participate in conversations. In many instances we have become lazy in our word choice. We are caught up in using “(K)notty Words”.

    What does this mean?

    Well from my experience I had been in this crazy state of confusion for many years……until….. I met and married Bob Nicoll. He is the creator of the BETTER Word Choice program called Remember the Ice. It is a simple concept that has far reaching implications for clearing up confusion in communication – and eradicating the use of those “(K)notty Words”.

    I now live a pretty much unconfused, clear communication life these days, and it is so much better. I have eliminated much of the negative from my life, while learning to focus on what is positive, true, empowering; and let me tell you, it is an awesome place to be.

    When I concentrate only on the good and positive, situations work out for the better, I can see and think more clearly about what I want to accomplish, where I want to go in my future, what I want to do. The great thing about this is, I am happy, and I am leading a better life!

    When someone is communicating with me, they may have a mixed message, however I recognize it. I then ask pertinent questions to allow me to know what exactly they are attempting to tell me, and then I understand. Now it may leave them a bit confused and they are left scratching their head saying, “what just happened”?

    Here is an interesting analogy.

    I love to cook, even try new recipes quite often. I can tackle anything in the kitchen; things the celebrity chefs would make to the simple no need a recipe meal. I am confident about it. If all of us would treat our communication like a recipe, even tackle the confusing thoughts and get them out in a simple, what you want to say, to the point method……..guess what?

    No more confusion. Follow the recipe!

    Like the crazy sign in the picture, there are numerous examples of message chaos: parents communicating with their children, speaking to your peers, your boss, and friends. How many more times are you going to keep communicating with confusing messages depicting the picture and deal with all of the language chaos in your life?

    For me, learning from Bob constantly about BETTER Word Choice, I have set myself free and love it!

    Thank you, honey for sharing your point of view.

    Empowering regards,


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