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    Ben Honig has been a longtime fan of Remember the Ice and utilizes the concepts very well. Here is a recent message from him on a common phrase. Thank you Ben, and enjoy the read.

    Good Morning Bob – I hope you are doing well and staying busy.

    Over the past few weeks I have noticed several occasions where the following expression has come into play. “What you don’t know, can hurt you.” Obviously the knotty word radiates and immediately got my attention; instantly changing my perception to “what you DO know, can hurt you.” My thought process was fully engaged and started thinking about our most common injuries at work and at home.

    We DO know injury will happen if one drives without a seatbelt and is involved in a crash; yet it still happens every day. We DO know that torqueing on a wrench may cause it to release and bust our knuckles, yet this happens every day in one way or another. As humans we calculate Risk vs. Reward hundreds of times a day; taking into account past experiences and general knowledge; yet we still take the risk like texting and driving. There is zero reward for texting while driving.

    Yes, “what we DON’T know, can hurt us” might appear to have some truth; however, “what we DO know, is what we choose to ignore and make exception for is what truly hurts us.”

    Appreciate your feedback and feel free to use in an Ice Chip if you agree.



    Ben, this is a great example of the cerebral chaos created by “(K)notty Words”. My initial reframe centers on your last statement and is based on us already having knowledge of the situation:

    “What we neglect, forget and /or choose to avoid can hurt us.”

    The main tenet of Remember the Ice is to raise your awareness of word choice. Words matter and when we stop and think about crafting our message, we get better results.

    Have an awesome holiday season everyone.

    Empowering Regards,


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