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  • Ice Chip 401.5 – Re-visited

    Football Follies revisited –

    You were the referee. Yesterday the game was full of (K)notty Words. You may have thrown a flag for un-sportsmanlike conduct. PILING ON! Here are some re-framed messages that help to clear up the confusion.

    The safety shouldn’t give the receiver that big of a cushion. The safety might want to give a smaller defensive cushion.

    Don’t know how he didn’t make the tackle. Surprised he missed that tackle.

    He has not thrown a pick in his last 5 games. He has gone 5 games without a pick.

    Even if it’s not tipped, it’s in trouble. Even with no tip, this play is in trouble.

    He didn’t line up in the right slot. He lined up in the wrong slot.

    I don’t put a lot of blame on Smith. Smith has little blame on that play.

    They just don’t flinch. No flinching here.

    You can’t run through the defenders. Been tough to run through these defenders.

    He hasn’t been able to tackle anyone. He has trouble tackling anyone.

    Couldn’t have been more open. He was wide open.

    White couldn’t find anyone to block. White kept looking for someone to block.

    They got it all going now, don’t they…? They have it all going now.

    They figured it out in the second half, didn’t they? They figured it out in the second half.

    Defensive line not getting it done. The defensive line is having a tough day.

    He can’t be the first guy to touch the ball after going out of bounds on your own. After going out of bounds on your own, another player needs to be the first to touch the ball.

    Kicked into another gear, didn’t he? He kicked it into another gear.

    You’re not a big fan of that quarterback rating. You’re hardly a fan of that quarterback rating.

    Brady not afraid to show his emotions. Brady is comfortable showing his emotions.

    Don’t do it. You are losing the battle on the field. They will need a different game plan, because they are losing the battle on the field.

    It’s not a physical thing, it’s a mental thing. It’s BOTH a physical thing, and a mental thing.

    Don’t let the quarterback’s movement change your route. Stay focused on the quarterback’s movements.

    I wouldn’t even bring it up. I would skip it.

    It’s only on the NFL Network, which means most won’t get to see it. You have to subscribe to NFL Network to see the game.

    Romo is a competitor and to not be a part of the team on the field, that is not easy. Romo is a competitor. It is tough for him to be on the sidelines.

    I don’t think he has any comment; he just hasn’t made any comment. It appears he has no comment.

    If they don’t protect the quarterback any better than that, they will have big problems. Look, it’s a fundamental of the game. You MUST protect your quarterback.

    Hope you had fun with this exercise.

    Empowering Regards,


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