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  • Ice Chip #403

    “Every one minute you spend in planning will save you at least three minutes in execution.”

    Author, Crawford Greenwald

    This is a great concept, agree?

    Being hopeful that your answer is “Yes”, Remember the Ice would like to take this idea and help you apply it to eradicating “(K)notty Words” from your lexicographical landscape. (Translation: get rid of the don’ts, can’ts, shoulds, buts, etc.)

    Identify one of the most common “(K)notty Words” you hear and use. Let’s say you choose: don’t.

    Here is your game plan.

    When you see or hear a “don’t” – stop and ask yourself, “Why am I attracting the opposite of what I want?” Remember, the original message – DON’T FORGET THE ICE — ends with you forgetting the ice; the opposite of what you want – especially if you want sun tea on a summer afternoon with the mercury hovering at 110° F or 43° C.

    The message of REMEMBER THE ICE has you sipping your sweet liquid ambrosia as it embraces the cooling surfaces of half a dozen cubes playing a clinking symphony in your glass.

    (Swallow) ….. Ahhhhh….

    A sweet, refreshing, tasty and revitalizing moment…

    Spotting a “(K)notty Word” and re-framing it gives you a moment of clarity in your thoughts and actions. Stop and think about how you can restate your thoughts with attract what you want. Create a recipe of BETTER Word Choice success.

    Your execution is more focused and you attract more of what you want and you’re able to give more clarity to yourself and those important to you.

    Oh,…… there is one more step…..

    Repeat the process as necessary, and enjoy it each time.

    Empowering Regards,


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