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  • Ice Chip #346

    Dear Ice Chip reader:

    Several readers shared requests for some “advanced” concepts from Remember the Ice.

    So with that in mind: Welcome to Remember the Ice 2.0.

    As we embark on some new ground, hold fast to the basic tenets of the concept. Here is the single, most important focus for this BETTER Word Choice Concept.

    Stop and ThinkThis Ice Chip will be focusing on one of the most common responses people use “almost without thinking about that they just said.”

    The phrase is: I don’t know.

    Think about how many times you hear this phrase or say this phrase in a day. It is an “automatic pilot” response.
    Let’s take a look at the sentence form an RTI perspective. Quite simply, one of the first things you notice is when the n’t is removed; you are left with “I do know”.

    Now there may very well be instances when you are asked a question and you have no knowledge of the correct or adequate response. However, when you Stop and Think about it, you may recall some past conversations or study about the subject.

    Rather than say the common response, Stop and Think about a new paradigm shift for your response.

    I need to get more information for you.

    • Can you help me with this? It’s new to me.
    • When I think about it, I do know a good bit about this.
    • So, pay attention to this phrase. Raise your awareness. When you hear it, think about the paradigm shift you are creating with your new thought.

    Oh, and one more thing.

    As we head into this Holiday season, think about those you are grateful for — and reach out and tell them you are.

    I am grateful for each of you for your support and loyalty to Remember the Ice.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and a blessed Holiday!

    ~~~~~~The focus of future Ice Chips will utilize the suggestions received and take the concept to a deeper level while still maintaining the power of the initial story and basic fundamentals. We must keep the basics at the forefront while pursuing new frontiers on using BETTER Word Choice.

    Go from Don’t Forget the Ice to Remember the Ice. The impact will be magnanimous!

    Empowering Regards,


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