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    “Thaw of the day”

    For the past seven years, some of you have been receiving ice chips with snippets of empowering word choice. “Thaws of the day” to assist in melting those “(k)notty words” and inspire your understanding of the foundation of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts:

    There is power in the clarity of your articulation

    During this journey I am constantly amazed at the insightful gifts I receive from my readers that inspire the next Ice Chip.

    December of 2009, I received a story from my dear friend, Hank. Those of you who have a copy of my book know a bit about my “brother” Hank, and how he inspired me to go on to be an accomplished soccer goalie in college. More importantly, he inspired me to step up and learn accountability at an impressionable time in my life. Thank you, brother.

    This story is about two simple words:  With and For.  Enjoy this gift from 2009.

    Hey Bobby,

    After reading a few of your ice chips I thought of something my dad used to tell me. Thought you would be interested; given your love of words.


    The power of two little words

    Even though my father only had an 8th grade education; he was a man of wisdom. He told me this story and it has lived with me all these years and has formed my relationships.

    Dad would say, in his thick Brooklyn accent, “There is a big difference between two little woids”. He had no idea these two little words were prepositions. “There is a big difference between the woids, “wit” and “foar.

    “If you go through your life thinking that you work FOR someone, you will always be doomed to a life of slavery of a worker. If you go through your life thinking people work FOR you, you are doomed to an even greater burden. You will live a life of arrogance. But if you go through your life thinking you work WITH others to get a job done you will always be successful!”

    Yes indeed, Dad was a man of wisdom

    Yes indeed, Hank. Your dad was a man of great wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing this gem with me as we move into the holiday season. I am honored to share it with my readers and supporters of Remember the Ice.

    I hope all of you have a blessed and thankful, holiday season.

    What a glorious time of year.

    Empowering regards,


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