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    Chances are you have seen Toyota commercials on TV starring Jan as the spokesperson. Their recent Toyota-thon radio spot poses a question for Remember the Ice.  

    How many more Toyotas could they have sold?

    Here are Jan’s last few words of the script:

    • I wouldn’t wait. This sale ends January 3rd, don’t miss out!

    Yikes!!! The “(K)notty Word” Calculator gives this short script a score of: 33.

    In only 11 words, much of the hype of coming in for Toyota-thon has been dashed by Jan’s pleasant voice suggesting she would wait and miss out.

    In advertising and marketing, the “(K)notty Words” have deep roots. Raise your awareness of these culprits and start your Re-Framing process.

    Here is an example of a new script for Jan:

    • Our selection is great. Savings are huge. Sale ends January 3rd.

    In marketing, a reliable mantra or guideline is: Think of the message as a recipe. Short, concise, forward moving steps. (The re-framed script Calculator score is 100.) It is very rare for a recipe to have “(K)notty Words”….. Very rare, indeed.

    Send us your re-framed examples of marketing messages and we’ll showcase them in a future Ice Chip.

    Empowering Regards,


    P.S. How are you doing on your resolution? Remember to stick with it!

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