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    Chips to consider…..

    Take a few moments to ponder each one of these Chips…. Consider the enhanced results you will have in your communication skills and your accomplishing skills by implementing some of these.  Enjoy.

    Empowering word choice is one key to your personal power.

    Your sense of personal power, confidence, and self-esteem are wrapped up in how well you are able to communicate your thoughts, needs, ideas and desires.

    When you articulate clearly and successfully, everything else falls into place. When the details fall into place, they make room for new or expanded ideas.

    Poor word choice is a serious obstacle to clear communication and diminishes your personal power.

    Imagine how much more power and confidence you would have in your life if you could consistently get your message across clearly.

    How empowering do you think it would be to know that your words influence and inspire, rather than confuse and annoy?

    The good news is that you already have everything you need. It’s just a matter of understanding the how and why of organizing and using your words, and putting it all into practice.

    Not, don’t, can’t, won’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t are the key “(k)notty” words you want to eradicate from your written and verbal communication.

    The challenge with (k)nots is that their purpose is to invert a sentence and make it mean its opposite. They turn the message inside out and upside down, befuddling the listener.  

    Pay attention to your message and use words that make your statement clean and clear; twisting it into (k)nots serves no purpose.

    I believe that word choice is the beginning of everything. It is the key that unlocks what we are thinking, and the key that unlocks what we want to say.

    Have an extraordinary week,


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